OOTD 5/20/17

Head Over Heels

soooo. these happened.
are they not GORGEOUS?!
After attempting to piece together an “out to dinner outfit” and discovering I had only one pair of heels, the same black ones I wear nearly everyday, I realized, no no no.  This can’t happen.  It was time to do some shopping.  So, wallet in hand, I set out in search of something to liven up my wardrobe a bit.  I’ve had a vision of this perfect pair of cheetah printed booties in my mind for agesssss, but the only ones I cam across were all WAY too expensive or just not right in some way.
And then, on this fateful night, I strolled into Aldo on a mere whim and BAM.  These babies were sitting on the sale rack, last one in my size, and on sale by %70.  It was destiny. 

So the next time I went out to dinner, and the best place on earth, Toast Coffeehouse, I was well prepared! 
I had a cheese platter with Brie, warm apples, grapes, cinnamon walnuts, and crackers. It wasn’t my all time favorite cheese platter ever to be honest, but I’ve been there a thousand times and that was the first time anything has slightly disappointed me in all fairness.  I also had a Chardonnay, which was delicious and my friend had pulled pork sliders and a creme brûlée beer.  I hate beer but that was incredible.