New York Fashion Week Blogger Event with Midori Linea

Hello world!

Today I have a couple quick outfit shots to share with you. I was recently invited to the Midori Linea event in New York City, my first ever New York Fashion Week event! It was hosted at the W Hotel Downtown and from the moment we walked in, we were transported to another galaxy! The ceiling was covered in lights and had this really interesting shape to it, making it appear almost as if it were moving like waves.

Without realizing that the event was galaxy themed, I coincidentally decided to deck myself out in a totally star themed outfit! This jumpsuit from Stoned Immaculate is one of my favorite pieces when I’m looking to feel comfortable yet stylish. And I went for two stars under the eyes because somehow the furry coat just wasn’t quite enough pizazz for me.

One of my best friends Alex came with me, and we spent the entire night enjoying the company of some incredible and like minded vloggers, bloggers, makeup artists and fabulous fashionistas! There’s little more I love than chatting it up with strong, independent women who dream just as big as me, and who inspire me with their determination and drive! This is where I met the absolutely lovely Noel Labb who has a STELLAR instagram, YouTube channel AND blog, killin’ it girl! Check her insta page @noellabb out!

So it was an absolute honor to go despite my inexperience with events like this! Of course it was a little intimidating, but as much as I can, I try to abide by the rule to always, no matter how you’re feeling, get up, get dressed, and go out. You never know what could happen!

Until next time<3

OOTD 5/20/17

Head Over Heels

soooo. these happened.
are they not GORGEOUS?!
After attempting to piece together an “out to dinner outfit” and discovering I had only one pair of heels, the same black ones I wear nearly everyday, I realized, no no no.  This can’t happen.  It was time to do some shopping.  So, wallet in hand, I set out in search of something to liven up my wardrobe a bit.  I’ve had a vision of this perfect pair of cheetah printed booties in my mind for agesssss, but the only ones I cam across were all WAY too expensive or just not right in some way.
And then, on this fateful night, I strolled into Aldo on a mere whim and BAM.  These babies were sitting on the sale rack, last one in my size, and on sale by %70.  It was destiny. 

So the next time I went out to dinner, and the best place on earth, Toast Coffeehouse, I was well prepared! 
I had a cheese platter with Brie, warm apples, grapes, cinnamon walnuts, and crackers. It wasn’t my all time favorite cheese platter ever to be honest, but I’ve been there a thousand times and that was the first time anything has slightly disappointed me in all fairness.  I also had a Chardonnay, which was delicious and my friend had pulled pork sliders and a creme brûlée beer.  I hate beer but that was incredible.