5 Winter Outfits Inspired by Little Women


5 Winter Outfits Inspired by Jo March from Little Women

by Veronica Rush

So. I saw Little Women. First of all, I’m not too proud to say that I totally cried my eyes out in public. Me and the stranger sitting next to me are definitely bonded for life now after witnessing each other ugly-cry. Not to mention, with this being my first ever experience with any version of Little Women, Jo March, played by Saoirse Ronan, is now my new favorite female character, like, ever. Most inspiring however, were of course, the outfits. 

While costume designer, Jacqueline Durran, already gave the girls a more modern spin, I wanted to challenge myself to try bringing the costumes even further into the modern day. So read on for some serious style inspiration and don’t worry, there are no spoilers, only great outfits ahead.  


Outfit 1

From the moment I saw Jo March in the first scene, I knew I had to write a piece about her style. Between her effortless hair and the way she plays with menswear, she’s the 1800s equivalent of the “it” girl. For this look, I chose a black peter pan collared dress that even had a little black bow just like Jo’s top. 

The hemline of the dress being so short really helps catapult it into the modern day but I chose the oxford shoes to give a slightly more vintage feel. Beneath that, I layered my Johnny Cash band tee because honestly, this may just be me totally projecting, but I feel like if Jo were alive today, she’d be a little rock n’ roll. And as a play on her green jacket, I chose my vintage green/gray blazer. The beret I added simply because… well, quite frankly, my hair seriously needed a wash. 

Outfit 2

I absolutely adored Jo’s layering in this scene, but it was really the scarf that got to me. It’s the perfect pop of color against her more muted wardrobe.  Not to mention, I love how Jacqueline Durran artfully uses red to emphasize Jo’s wonderfully firey personality. 

My version of the look gets a totally modern, french inspired twist by swapping out jeans for the maxi skirt. Being that I didn’t have a red scarf myself, I chose to add the pop of red instead to my headwear… why did that vaguely sound like a Dr. Sues line…? Anywho, I digress. 

I had a very similar white button up top that I thrifted a few months ago, and a vintage blazer that felt like a cross between the color of her blazer and the pattern of her skirt. Bonus points for the fact that the interior lining is another shade of red.

I was so excited to add my own scarf to the mix as it gave me an opportunity to do some print mixing, which I adore! It works well because it’s a muted color palette in the same family as the blazer. And to finish everything off, I went with these precious little mary jane flats I just thrifted over some socks for a look reminiscent of Gucci. 

Outfit 3

This jacket was by far my all time favorite moment in the movie. Jo wears it multiple times and with it’s military-esque structure and embroidery, I found myself wondering if it wasn’t a treasured piece her father had given her from the war.

Being that I knew I already owned something wildly similar, I couldn’t wait to put this outfit together. It started, of course, with this amazing thrifted jacket that almost perfectly resembled Jo’s. I then went for a lacey white minidress with a similar neckline as a play on her nightgown. Finally, I threw on these brown boots to tie the look together.

Fun fact, I originally envisioned the outfit without the pants, (which I still think would be a great look), but as I was changing into this outfit in my car for the picture, I realized there was no way in hell I was bracing the cold New York air barelegged. 

And voila, the pants became part of the mixture! Truth be told, I love the overall effect though. This outfit in the movie reminded me of a Free People ad anyway, and dresses with jeans seemed like something Free People would do. 

Outfit 4

If this wasn’t some grade A winter style inspiration, I just don’t know what is. A red cape people, A RED. CAPE. Honestly, in a who-wore-it-better competition between Little Red Riding Hood and Jo March, I’d have to vote Jo here. 

Sadly, however, I do not yet own a red cape. So my version of the outfit includes this red tie front blazer with a deep V-neck. Inspired by the fabric of Jo’s Skirt, I paired it with this thrifted top coat, which incidentally has some red piping on the interior so it was a wonderful match. I added a tawny colored baker boy cap to like hers and finished off the look with a little navy blue ribbon tied around my neck, not only to mimic the tie of her cape, but also to bring in the blue from her dress.

Outfit 5

I figured I’d finish up with this scene to give us all a bit of Spring/Summer style inspiration as Winter rolls on. The basket bags, the straw hats, the pastel colored dresses. I think I might have actually drooled over these looks when I first saw them. 

For my final look, I still wanted to make it Winter appropriate, so I swapped out Jo’s cropped jacket for this white thrifted sweater. Underneath it, I layered a navy gingham dress, and while she’s not wearing that pattern here, we see plenty of plaid and gingham in the movie overall.

I am an absolute sucker for basket bags, but I didn’t want the outfit to be too on the nose. So to modernize it, I chose one of the trendier baskets we’ve been seeing quite a bit of in recent years. I also couldn’t resist adding the woven hat, a perfect way to throw a little Summer into such an otherwise cold weather ensemble. And lastly, for the footwear, I went with these trusty brown boots yet again, which, in this outfit especially, were a near perfect match. 


There you have it folks, 5 outfits inspired by Little Women’s Jo March! Which one of these looks was your favorite, and how would you bring these looks into the 21st century? Let me know down below! And if you liked this, you would love my Style Steal series on my YouTube channel where I choose one person whose style inspires me, and attempt to thrift outfits they might wear. Until next time, don’t forget, the world is your runway! 🙂

5 Times Freddie Mercury was a Style QUEEN

Who would you meet if you could meet any person, dead or alive? For me, that answer is, 9 times our of 10, Freddie Mercury. I must admit, I’ve had a love affair with Queen since High School, but Bohemian Rhapsody rekindled my love for him all over again. I love everything about him from his voice, (obviously), to his ironic obsession with pussies (ahem, cats.) What couldn’t the man do? Yes, we all know him as the lead singer of Queen, and as the man who could somehow make the pedo-stache look… good? But in my opinion, not enough people are discussing just how fabulous Freddie Mercury’s style was. So today, here are 5 times Freddie Mercury was a style QUEEN.
Fortunately for me, Freddie and I share about the same level of boobage, which means I might actually get away with wearing something this low cut.
What can I say? The man knew how to work a bodysuit better than perhaps any of us ever will, but that won’t stop me from trying. Also loving the mask. This is definitely my all time favorite look of his , and one I’ll be stealing when my own music career takes off (or at the very least, just as a very obscure Halloween costume that I’m  certain will generate much confusion.)


This is perhaps the most basic outfit possible, and yet, somehow he managed to make it look cooler than anything on the planet. Certainly the guitar helps. And the arm cuff. I just adore the way Freddie does the exact opposite of what’s expected. He wore this outfit to Live Aid, one of the biggest concerts of the century, and while he went so bold so often, I love the fact this is the moment he chose to go relaxed.
I like to imagine that Freddie arrived in Asia on this day, only to discover that the airport lost his luggage and instead of freaking out, just wrapped the first rug he saw around his body and made it fashionable. This is definitely not what happened… but you can almost see it.
These outfits make him look like a strip teasing fireman and it’s fantastic. Truthfully, just imagining how hot he must have been in those leather pants, it’s miraculous he didn’t literally burst into flames.
Those are some classic looks from our dear Mr. Mercury. Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments below what you thought of Freddie Mercury’s style! Now if you’ll excuse, I must go watch Bohemian Rhapsody for 78th time. BYEEEEEE.


The Ultimate Guide to Thrifting! 20 secrets, tips & tricks to make your thrift game strong!

girl wearing thrifted outfit, pink shirt, sunglasses, white pants
The other day, I was wearing this entirely thrifted outfit (minus the sunglasses and the sneakers,) and it occurred to me that not everyone understands just how amazing thrifting can be! Sure, it can be pretty overwhelming, even for the most seasoned of thrifters, and quite honestly, it’s not for everybody! But I get a ton of questions all the time about the secret to thrifting, where to thrift, how to find the best stuff, etc. So for those that want to enter the magical world of amazingly discounted clothes, I’ve decided to create “The Ultimate Guide to Thrifting” just for you! This guide will help you learn how to thrift like a pro, how to get to the best deals at thrift stores and how to find the best clothes! 

girl wearing thrifted pink shirt, sunglasses, white pants
girl wearing thrifted pink shirt, sunglasses, white pants
girl wearing thrifted pink shirt, sunglasses, white pants
I believe thrift stores, like libraries, to be somewhat of a modern day miracle. I’m a big fan of any place where you can get almost anything you could possibly want for practically free. It’s no exaggeration when I say that I’ve purchased a vintage Burberry trench coat for less than $10. If you’re aware of any place other than a thrift store that’s offering THAT kind of deal, let a sister know! Because as far as I’m concerned, those prices are reserved only for the Salvation Armies and GoodWills of the world!
girl wearing thrifted pink shirt, sunglasses, white pants
girl wearing thrifted pink shirt, sunglasses, white pants
pink sign that says ultimate guide to thrifting
So, if you’re convinced to give it a shot but not sure where to start, never fear! This free download is going to give you all the juiciest secrets, tips and tricks to help you become the ultimate thrifter! Just sign up below and it’ll be sent straight to your inbox!

Happy thrifting and don’t forget, the world is your runway!


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20 secrets, tips & tricks that’ll have Macklemore shook…

5 Style Tips for Back to School

5 Back to School Style Tips

Sure you get to see your friends again, and you won’t deny that the smell of new pencils has you mildly giddy, but even so, the whole thing feels a lot like watching a naked clown run at you with your favorite cake in hand; it would be pretty exciting if it weren’t so uncomfortably terrifying.

You’re not sure where all of your classes are, you haven’t heard the best things about your science teacher and you have at least two classes with the guy you’ve liked since second grade.

But have no fear! Today I have 5 style tips for you that will make going back to school a lot less nerve racking, and lot more fun!

And as always ladies, take all of this with a healthy grain of salt. Rules are meant to be broken! But here are some things that have worked for me:

1. Save the Heels for Week 3 
If you’ve got a flashier sense of style like myself, it might be tempting to bust out those new wedges or that new pair of heeled booties as soon as the back to school season is in full swing. But when you’re already flustered, searching around for World History which is all the way on the OPPOSITE side of campus apparently, the last thing you want is to make things even harder for yourself by clomping around in heels. They might make your legs look bomb, but not at the expense of your sweaty pits. Let bold accessories do the talking and stick with sneakers or flats until you’re well aquatinted with your new routine.
STYLE SOLUTION: pair sneakers with a cute sundress & a bandana around your neck for a look that’s stylish and comfortable.

girl wearing sneakers and dress outfit for back to school
photo source: @natashandlovu

2. Hack the Dress Code 
Trust me. As someone who was forced to wear a uniform for a majority of my life, I know that dress codes are every fashion lovers personal hell. I was constantly in trouble for pushing the limits when I was younger and I couldn’t wait to be able to truly wear whatever I wanted. But here’s the thing: creativity actually flourishes within a little constraint! And there are plenty of ways to express your sense of style without landing in detention. Outfits often get a lot more interesting with some added layers anyway. So try playing with different combintations to create fabulous new looks that you might not have come up with otherwise!
STYLE SOLUTION: wear a cute tee underneath a top with thinner straps for a layered and dress-code friendly look.

Christian Vierig in a tank layered over a white top and jeans for Back to School
Source: Le Fashion 

3. Let Your Style Shine with Accessories
Over the years I made the mistake of trying to convey my style through outfits that just weren’t practical for school and I often forgot about accessories all together. But when you have a varied collection of hats, scarves, jewelry, fun printed socks, etc. to choose from, this is what really ties a look together! And the best part of is, the base of your outfit can be super casual and comfortable while your accessories help you appear much more fashion forward.
STYLE SOLUTION: add a beret to a simple jeans and tee outfit for an added boost of style.

Girl wearing jeans, a tee & beret as a back to school outfit
source: Princess Polly 

4. Come Back to Basics
Like I previously mentioned, whenever back to school shopping season would roll around, I could hardly help myself from stocking my closet with a ton of unique and bold pieces. But inevitably, I would find myself unable to wear them because I had nothing to actually wear them with. I know it’s really no fun to run out and buy a bunch of plain tank tops and simple tees, but these are truly the foundation of every great look, no matter how minimalist, or how extra.
STYLE SOLUTION: Make sure you fill your wardrobe with plenty of basics before buying the specialty pieces.

an outfit styling basic pieces of jeans and a tee shirt for back to school
source: Pinterest

5. Ditch the Backpack
A great way to stand out and make any outfit more refined is to avoid the back to school back pack attack and choose something more “grown up.” Tote bags are often cheaper and can help you make more of a style statement while still being super practical! Honestly, I’ve always found back packs to be somewhat constraining anyway. I just prefer a bag that can hold everything from a back up outfit to the ancient blueprints to the long lost city of Atlantis at any given time.
STYLE SOLUTION: Buy a tote, (or a few!) that adds a bit of flare to the sea of backpacks flooding the hallway.

source: Pinterest

Remember, the world is your runway, so whatever you choose to wear, make sure you have fun with it! Have any other tips to share to make going back to school easier for everyone? Share them down below!

If you’re looking for even more style inspiration, check out these 3 Back To School Outfit Ideas!

With peace, love & pixie dust,

How to Trick People into Thinking You’re Fashionable (the magic of accessories)

For quite some time now, I’ve been dealing with a bit of a Hannah Montana complex.

In other words… I feel like I’m leading a double life.

Yes, the internet is my outlet for all things fashion related, something I’ve been passionate about for as long as I can remember. My instagram is overrun with my outlandish attempts at style and my blog and YouTube are dedicated to it as well. But all too often people in my “real life” love telling me how unrecognizable I am outside of the magical interwebs. I mean, yeah… I don’t normally snap my Instagram pictures after rolling out of bed with no makeup on at 6:30am and spending the day rushing around between 5 different jobs.

I’m trying to build a business not scare little children.

source: Pinterest

If I get one good day of Instagram worthy content, I make that shit last for WEEKS. Why do you think throwback Thursday was even invented? So that on Thursday, when we’re all nearing the end of the week, and we’re all exhausted and probably lying bed covered in nachos after work (just me?), we have an excuse to post a picture from a time or a place that doesn’t make us feel quite so much like an exhausted fat ass. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hold it against anyone for speaking the truth. But I’m sure anyone else attempting to pursue a more entrepreneurial life but who’s creative endeavors are not yet paying the bills will understand the struggle.

source: Pinterest

I can look and feel wildly different from day to day because while I diligently work towards my goals, I’ve got a lot of dirty work to do along the way, (you know… building character and all that shiz.) They say you should dress for the job you want, but this proves to be kind of tricky for someone like me. Sure, my dream job requires me to travel around the globe looking fabulous all the time, but until I get there, most of my other jobs call for an entirely different uniform. While all of my staple wardrobe pieces are nearly exclusively white, a pair of ivory culottes is the last thing I’m going to wear when my jobs for the day consist primarily of cleaning up dog shit. Similarly, my collection of little white sundresses will never be on display when I’m busy taking care of kids who have an uncanny talent for spilling (and secreting) various juices. For these jobs, I dare to wear nothing other than the ultra sexy combo of a ratty old sweatshirt and leggings because I know whatever I’m wearing will be destroyed by midday. 
So I choose to share with the world about 2% of my life. It’s not that I’m attempting to pretend like those other parts don’t exist, it’s just that, 
1. I want to share my style because that’s where my passion lies, but I don’t feel the need to share everything. Like I don’t really need the world to know I took the browns to super bowl on Friday at 2:36pm. Call me private, call me old fashioned but that’s just not my thing. I like at least some parts of my life to remain a mystery.  
And 2. It’s that little 2% that I’m trying manifest into 100% of my life. Which is exactly why those are the moments I put forth into the world. 
Still, as an aspiring fashion blogger, I couldn’t shake the feeling of being a phony. I wanted to find a way to make that other 98% feel a little more like that glamorous 2%. 
And that’s when I discovered the magic of accessories.

source: Pinterest

Shockingly enough, I’ve never been one for accessories. I always heard the common stereotype of women being obsessed with shoes and handbags and just never understood the appeal. It’s not that I wasn’t attracted to them or anything. I’d buy the occasional pair of funky earrings or statement necklace, but then completely forget to wear them. I’d always preferred to let my bold style do more of the talking via clothing, and never felt I needed to rely on accessories. That is, until the fateful day I decided to add a hat to my very simplistic, and truthfully unfashionable outfit. 
I was spending the day nannying for a 3 year old who’s favorite pastime was finger painting. So the uniform of choice for this was a pair of old leggings, a grey sweatshirt and no makeup. But I figured the least I could do was add a beret to the mix just to look SLIGHTLY more put together (and cover up my greasy mane to be honest.) The effect was shocking. The girl’s mother couldn’t stop saying how cute she thought I looked! I can honestly assure you I looked thoroughly uncute, but it was the magic of accessories! I wore the exact same outfit every other day and never generated such a response but adding a little something extra to the top made it appear that much more special! I suppose it’s difference between plain vanilla ice cream, and a sundae. The same boring vanilla ice cream becomes so much more delicious when dressed with a little whipped cream and a cherry, and whose going to turn down some hot fudge? So that’s the secret people! From now on, bathe yourself in the fashion equivalent of fudgy goodness… accessories!

source: Pinterest
I began to experiment a bit and nearly always found the same result. The bare bones of my outfit remained pretty uninspired for the most part: leggings and plain top, as vanilla as could be. I simply started experimenting more with all the garnishes. A scarf around the neck here, a hat there, a different pair of shoes and BAM! Instantly I was transformed into someone vastly more stylish. This is why every fashionista rattles on about bags and shoes. Accessories possess such a transformative power!
Thanks to this epiphany, I currently feel so much closer to that 2% in my average day to day. Yes, 98% of my life is not nearly as glamorous as my Instagram might have you believe, but I’m learning to let my worlds collide a little bit. If you’re anything like me and lust over fashion but are feeling held back by your daily grind for whatever reason, let this be your inspiration to play around a little! Being busy, or stressed or knee deep in dog poop doesn’t have to keep you from style. Learn to make your closet work for you, after all that’s such a key factor of what style is: discovering ways to navigate around whatever life throws at you, in the most fashionable way you can! From now on, I’m taking the duller, dirtier parts of my life as style challenges and I hope you will too! 
with peace, love and pixie dust,