10 Tips for Micro Influencers

10 tips for micro influencers, how to become a micro influencer
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The term “Influencer” is getting thrown around quite a bit these days and the topic seems to be more polarizing than whether or not Ross and Rachel were actually on a break. Some people have no idea what the term even means while others are desperate to be crowned with such a glorious title. Upon hearing the term, you might instantly imagine famous bloggers, vloggers and instagrammers like Alexis Ren or Zoella. We watch them get showered with free gifts from incredible companies or go away on fancy vacations, completely free of charge. And then we discover that they’re not just getting free stuff, they’re getting PAID on top of that! It seems more like a fantasy than an opportunity accessible to anyone, right?

But what many people don’t realize, is that success can come at a much smaller level. “Micro Influencers” have plenty of opportunities to work within this industry as well. In many cases the engagement rate of smaller influencers is much higher than those with a massive following. And great engagement is one of the first things a brand looks for. Plus, Micro Influencers don’t cost nearly as much! So if you’re telling yourself you can’t be successful because you’re “too small,” it’s time to wake up! The only thing standing in your way, is you.  
How do I know all of this? Because I’m speaking from personal experience! In fact, I received my first brand deal before I even had 1,000 followers on Instagram and around 1,500 subscribers on YouTube! So if you’re curious to learn how I did this and what I’ve learned along the way so far, keep reading!


Micro Influencers are those of us who are hustling like you wouldn’t believe, but whose following is significantly smaller than the big wigs. While professional, full time Influencers are speaking to a crowd of sometimes millions of people, Micro Influencers might only be speaking to a crowd of a few thousand. 
micro influencer Lo Shepherd

micro influencer lo shepherd gives us tips
the lovely Lo Shepherd is an amazing Micro Influencer! 

One of the most challenging parts about speaking to such a small audience though, is staying motivated. Of course the initial attraction to such a dream job can begin to wane once it becomes clear how difficult a career path this can be. Working your way up the ranks can be filled with tons of rejection, frustration, confusion and quite obviously, this can all get exhausting! And if you thought you hated learning about algorithms in High School math, try growing your Instagram following and THEN come talk to me. It’s easy to see that it ain’t easy! 

So how do we avoid burnout? Is this all worth it? When can we finally begin to see some results? And how does one even begin to break into the Influencer world? As a Micro Influencer who’s been at this for 6 years, I’m here today to share my tips for staying motivated, making some money and landing brand deals! 
When I began this journey back in 2012, I imagined it would only take a few months, maybe a year to start really getting somewhere. But six years later, I’m only just beginning to reap the rewards now. But before you get nervous, hear me out! Yes, it will take time and patience, but more importantly, it takes consistency. 
And was I working consistently for the past six years? Absolutely not. I would get discouraged, distracted, embarrassed and give up way too often. If I could give one piece of advice to young Veronica, I’d tell her to keep at it, even when she felt like it was too hard. Unfortunately, I can’t go back and help myself, but hopefully I can help some of you! And if you won’t take it from me, then take it from Dory people! Just keep swimming! 

I was listening to an episode of The Influencer Podcast that featured Marie Forleo, who is an absolutely magical unicorn of a human being, and she said something that truly changed the game for me. Marie brought up the idea that two identical things cannot occupy the same space at the same time. She related this concept to our thoughts, explaining that if you allow fear, doubt and frustration to occupy your mind, there will be no room left for motivation, positivity, etc. And it takes a great deal of the latter in order to be successful. 
I began to notice as I was reading back some old diary entries just how true this was for me. Only a few weeks prior to this, I was filled with so much self-doubt and questioning all the work I was doing as an aspiring Influencer. But reading my thoughts at that moment, I realized how much my mentality had changed since then and how much more successful I was already becoming because of that. 
And the reason for this mental shift? I had thrown all of my energy into launching an online boutique and hosting a big launch party for it. There was absolutely no time for anything other than hard work, dedication and optimism. So be mindful of your mind and what thoughts you’re filling it with! 

how to become a micro influencer like sade solomon

how to become a micro influencer like sade solomon
Sade Solomon is another fantastic Micro Influencer 
When I very first started creating YouTube videos,
I felt like such a loser sandwich with a side of lame-o fries! (which, coincidentally, is probably the dorkiest thing I could’ve said at that moment.) I was worried that people would make fun of me and I basically planned on keeping it a secret until I was somehow magically, already famous. Guys, please do not do this. You’ll be hindering your growth SO. MUCH. If you have multiple social media accounts that you can be using to share all your hard work, don’t keep quiet out of fear! 
Because guess what happened? People found my videos anyway… and they loved them! Will some people criticize you? Yes, they will. But are you really willing to throw away your dream career just because you’re afraid of what some random dude in his Mom’s basement might comment on your work? No, you’re not. So don’t pay it any mind. People will keep talking, you just keep working. 
Who are you choosing to spend your time with? Is there anyone in your life who totally doesn’t get what you’re trying to do? The answer is often a resounding “yes,” and more often than not, the critics make up a majority of the people we’re surrounding ourselves with. Here’s the thing though: you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. And when you think of it like that, spaces for the Top 5 should get a lot harder to fill.

Sadly, we can’t always cut the negative people out so easily, nor should we do this. Sometimes these Negative Nancy’s just need a more positive influence in their life, and that could ultimately be you! But if you’re in a situation where you feel really alone and misunderstood, surround yourself with light. Read books, listen to podcasts, follow blogs, watch videos. Find others who will help build you up in whatever form you can. And DON’T EVER take advice from anyone other than the people who are in the places you want to be. 

If you’re thinking of or actively trying to become and Influencer and it doesn’t seem to be fulfilling you, take a step back and ask yourself why you’re doing this. The idea of getting free stuff can’t be your main driving force. You have to love what you do so much in order to be okay with all the hard work. Every job has it’s difficulties, and you have to decide what’s worth it and what’s not! Liz Gilbert calls this, “finding your favorite flavor of shit sandwich.” And there’s nothing wrong with taking a break if that’s really what you need. It took me giving up multiple times to realize I was always going to come back to it in the end. If YouTube is Noah, I’m the Allie. Find your Noah. 
how to become a micro influencer with ten tips


So maybe you haven’t even started yet and you’ve been wondering how you should. And don’t worry because I’m going to give you the greatest possible tip you can ever hear, ready? In order to start, all you have to do is…
Yes it’s that simple. Stop thinking about it, stop tossing it over in your head and coming up with a million excuses not to do it. Just. Start. That’s the only way you’l learn, grow and figure out if this is right for you! A year from now, you’ll be so much happier you started when you did! 

On any platform that allows you to buy your following just to keep up appearances, DO NOT DO IT. First of all, it’s lame. Second of all, now more than ever, it’s painfully obvious when your following is fake. And if you ever want to land brand deals and foster a good relationship with companies, this is only going to hurt you.

Remember how I mentioned the fact that companies are always looking for engagement rates? This is because they won’t want to pay you to work with them if you have 100k followers, but only 100 likes on your pictures. To them, this is a bad sign. It tells them you’re either not honest or not able to hold anyone’s attention and in their eyes, investing in you won’t be as profitable as investing in someone else with a truly engaged following.

I don’t mean this in the obvious sense that you’re probably used to hearing. Yes, you should be putting out content you can be proud of whether that’s an Instagram picture, a YouTube video, a blog post, etc. However, what I really mean by this is that whenever you are working with brands, you should always be be coming from a place of service NOT entitlement. And this is not just for your future, but for the industry as a whole.

These days, companies are beginning to grow weary of anyone claiming to be an influencer due to the unfortunate arrogance surrounding the term in many cases. Many people expect to walk into a room and say they’re a blogger, just to get the perks without actually doing the work. But this mentality ruins it for those of us grinding day in and day out. Every time a company gets burned by one of us, it makes it that much harder for all of us to prove that we are serious. 

how to become a micro influencer with these 10 tips
how to become a micro influencer with these 10 tips
how to become a micro influencer with these 10 tips
Confused about how exactly to get paid? The good news is, there are plenty of resources out there to help you! So let me break it down.
For starters there’s the affiliate route, where you can earn a percentage of the sales you generate by using affiliate links for the products you discuss on your platforms. You can use a website like MagicLinks in order to generate those links and after you’ve made over $50 worth of revenue, you’ll get a check in the mail! Plus, it’s FREE to sign up and they can help you get connected with brands looking for people to work with.
However, the real money comes from getting sponsorships and brand deals. If you’re creating good content and your engagement looks promising, brands might start reaching out to you even when your following is small! That’s right! Stop telling yourself you have to be a superstar in order to work with anyone. Brands often want to work with smaller Influencers! And they can find you more easily if you create accounts on places like Fohr or Influenster which are almost like a LinkedIn profiles for influencers. Again, it’s free to sign up as an Influencer, and once you’ve created a profile, companies will be able to reach out to you directly or send you stuff to review!

Now, it’s all well and good to make those accounts and wait patiently for something to happen, but it’s even better to go out there and make something happen… if you know what you’re doing! You don’t get what you don’t ask for! But how you ask could either make you or break you. I recommend taking Julie Solomon’s free webinar course on pitching to brands. I’d go so far as to say it changed my life, and the moment I can afford her Pitch it Perfect Course, you better believe I’m signing up!

After you’ve done a little research and feel comfortable giving it a shot, I recommend starting with local brands. Many smaller business local to your area might be in the same boat you are! They’re working hard to grow and they’ll be grateful for the help. You might even have more of a following than them! And you might be able to convince them to spend a portion of their marketing budget on you. 

Remember that launch party I discussed in Tip #2? Well I managed to get 5 different local companies to sponsor the event and help me create a raffle basket worth over $250. I bought a basket for $6 at Michaels, but the rest was paid for entirely by those brands. And I did this by using Julie’s technique of Service Based Pitching! It’s powerful and it works, even for Micro Influencers.

how to become a micro influencer with Julie Solomon

how to become a micro influencer with Julie Solomon

how to become a micro influencer with Julie Solomon
Julie Solomon is not exactly a Micro Influencer but she’s an incredible person to learn from! 
So there you go guys! I hope these tips were helpful! If you’re interested in hearing more of the things I’ve learned along the way, or if you have any more questions, please feel free to leave a comment below! Good luck on your journey and know that I’m rooting for you!

With peace, love and pixie dust,

Bag: Mary Frances

how to become a micro influencer with Julie Solomon

The Secret to my 2018 Productivity- The Seasons Within me

There are few things I love more than the changing of the seasons. As someone who is constantly chasing newness, (new cultures, new foods, new ideas,) I adore the feeling of a fresh start. Often by the time a new season rolls around, I’ve had my fill of the last one and now I’m PUMPED for whatever the next one is about to bring: spring flowers, summer BBQ’s, autumn pumpkins and winter holidays (to name just a few.)

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Unbeknownst to them, two of my biggest life gurus are Chip and Joanna Gaines. They are magical unicorns who seem to radiate nothing other than success, positivity and all around fantastical-ness. They are arguably reclaiming “The Midas Touch” as “The Gaines Touch.” One of the things I love most about them though, is how they constantly discuss the different “seasons of their lives.” This idea recently sparked something within me. I began to notice that there are seasons within myself as well: a season of cleansing, a season of curiosity, a season of creation and a season of calm. Shaping my life this way feels much more conducive to achieving my goals than the ways I’ve tried in the past. I am a bit of a self-growth nerd and always looking for innovative ways to be the best me possible.

(Yes, I’m a Capricorn.)

Last year, I tried focusing on 12 different goals for each 12 months of the year. This proved to be semi-effective, but didn’t render the results I was really hoping for.
But for 2018, I’ve been testing out this new methodology. Rather than segmenting my life into 12 pieces, it feels more natural to honor the seasons my heart and mind tend to move through at their own pace.

A Season of Cleansing-
This season is marked by detoxification, preparation and creating space.
This generally coincides with springtime as it seems to invigorate all of us enough to do massive bouts of “spring cleaning.” The new year is still ripe and we all want to freshen things up and make room for a better us. I take this time to detox everything from my wardrobe to my diet and purge my life from any bad habits and toxic people. So yeah, don’t piss me off in April. Jk
… kinda.

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A Season of Curiosity-
This season is marked by discovery, consumption and animation.
As that need for detoxification beings to wane, suddenly I have the urge to consume, filling up all the space I’ve just created. I think it’s a pretty natural process especially in such a consumerist society. We naturally tend to want to fill everything from silences to empty closets. However, this year, instead of consuming more STUFF, I’ve chosen to satisfy this hunger by devouring knowledge. And “devour” is the perfect descriptor here because I have been absolutely ravenous for books lately. I explore every avenue of curiosity by taking classes, reading, asking questions and all so that I’m well prepared for my next season.

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 A Season of Creation-
This season is marked by action, energy and determination.
This is the time I put all my knowledge to good use. It’s easy to become a perpetual student, as understanding the process of something is generally much easier than the actual application of the knowledge. This season is perhaps a bit fierce, akin to a blazing day of summer though they don’t always coincide. But it’s a time to take action and turn all that brain food into the energy that propels me into my dreams.

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A Season of Calm-
This season is marked by self love, coziness, and giving.
It’s the time to scale everything back, understand what worked well, what I could do better and learn to be mindful again. I enjoy the fruits of my labor, the little things and get adamant about creating equal parts “me time,” and time for loved ones. It’s selfishness and selflessness in harmony.

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Each season blends into the next and they often include elements of each other, especially the one immediately preceding or following it. Just as some spring days feel hot enough to be summer, a day within my energetic season of creation can feel a lot more like a day within my season of calm. In this way,  I remain balanced (well.. at least I try to. This is all sounding a lot more zen than I usually feel.) I don’t force myself into starting a new season until intuitively it feels right. Sometimes one needs to be much longer than another but when it’s time to move on, I know.

Anyway, I’m curious to know (as I’m currently in the Season of Curiosity,) if this resonated with any of you. Do you feel moved by any specific “seasons” throughout the year and if so, what are they? Let me know below or on Instagram or Youtube!

Signing off with peace, love and pixie dust,

Why You Should be Mindful of Your Progression- How to Stay Productive and Positive

This morning while doing my yoga practice I discovered something that had me very excitable: for the first time ever, I was able to to reach behind my back and touch my finger tips. Now this may not seem very interesting or exciting to anyone else, but opening up my right shoulder flexibility has been a struggle for years. I was always able to clasp my fingers on the other side, but my right shoulder, being the one that takes the brunt of most of my responsibilities as a righty, never allowed for it. This really frustrated me… until this morning!!! I began thinking a lot about how wonderful it is when you can tangibly feel your progression through life. Those mini achievements along the way are some of lives greatest feelings. Yet it also had me thinking about how we don’t spend enough time on them. How we are always focusing on what we weren’t able to accomplish rather than what we were, or how we let those moments pass too quickly before worrying about how to be even better. And then I started thinking about I shouldn’t be thinking any of this because I was practicing yoga and better yogi would be more focused… (see what I mean?)

Anyway, I wanted to spend a little time this morning showing myself some gratitude and actually ruminating on my accomplishments as opposed to my failures. So here’s a quick little Ode to Progression in the form of 5 things I’m proud of!

1. I’ve practiced yoga consecutively for the past five days and unlocked a pose I’ve been working on for years.

2. I just paid off my last credit card, starting off 2018 debt free!

3. This past week I taught myself some new ice skating moves. I fell down a lot, but I got back up more.

4. Last year, for the first time ever, a company reached out to me because of my YouTube content and wanted to work together. The recognition felt incredible!

5. It’s still January and I’ve already read 5 books this year!

It’s wonderful to have goals and dreams, but every now and then it’s important to give ourselves credit for all that we’ve done along the way. What are some things you’re proud of?

Oh! and can we agree that both this view and these pants are stunning??? I recently spent a weekend in New York City at the Nomo Soho (there’s a giant blog post about that coming soon!) That’s where these pictures were taken. And these pants- UGH! I am so in love! I love the lavender/pinky color and the mesh panels down the back. I bought them here, and couldn’t be happier! 

Shop the look!

Sports bra: http://go.magik.ly/ml/945g/
Yoga pants: http://go.magik.ly/ml/945e/

18 Rules for 2018

1.  Stay curious and teachable- I’m in my twenties, better known as, what I like to call, my “Smart Ass” years. This is because I think I’m really smart, but I keep discovering, that really, I’m just an ass. As much as I don’t want to admit it, I often find myself thinking I already know everything, but there is ALWAYS more to learn. So stay curious but more importantly, stay teachable. Try to look at the world as if for the first time and wonder in every scenario, “what can I learn from this?”

2. Dress up – I have such an overblown arsenal of clothing you’d think I was stocking up for some fashion related apocalypse. Yet, somehow, I often find myself wearing the same old clothes every day. I tell myself I’m saving most of them “for a special occasion,” but from now on I’d like to look at every day as some kind of special occasion! After all, adventure could always be right around the corner and I want to be prepared for it!

3. Don’t lose your inner child- remember all the dreams you had as a little kid? Those are often an indication of the things you should be doing as an adult. We just tend to let the world make us believe that those things are too silly or impossible. Nothing is too impossible. And is silly really so bad? Keep that childlike spirit despite the world and watch how much magic you invite in.

4.  Spend more time outside – Go for a bike ride. Run around barefoot. Go out and feel the wind playing with your hair, the sun warming your cheeks, and connect to nature! Basically get off your lazy bum for two minutes and go pretend you’re gosh darn Disney princess.

5. Save some money- I’m 24 and not yet a millionaire (emphasis on YET) and whether I’d like to admit that or not, it means that I need to start getting my priorities in order. Somehow I find it acceptable to blow $50 on new shoes, but I’ll ride around on gas fumes for a week because “I can’t afford” to drop $30 to fill the tank. This year I’d like to be a lot more careful with my money so that I can properly save towards my goals. After all, as Sophia Amoruso says, sometimes money looks better on the bank than on your feet.

6. Less possessions more experiences- when I do decide to spend money however, I want to focus more of it on experiences.  An amazing moment will stay with you forever, but material possessions get worn out and dated all too quickly. It’s difficult for a fashion lover like me to hold back from buying all the latest and greatest, but thats okay! It just means I need to get a little more creative with the clothes I do have as opposed to focusing what I don’t. It’s a lesson in appreciation for sure! And honestly, some of my go-to items of clothing cost me all of $2 at a thrift store. Being fashion forward doesn’t have to send you financially backward!

7.  Read more – reading is so healthy for so many things; it makes you a better writer, a better speaker, increases your vocabulary and your creativity! Take a book with you wherever you go and try using idle time like waiting in line to read instead of mindlessly scrolling through Facebook.

8. I’m not a bat- I easily slip into patterns of sleeping like a nocturnal creature of the night and I hate it. This insomnia is largely caused by my use of technology right before bed (a problem I’m sure almost ALL of us have.) So let’s start creating new, healthier habits together! Like putting away the phone and the laptop and reading a little before bed each night. And boom, there’s rule Number 7 out of the way too! Two birds, one stone. If that doesn’t place us in the running for Productive Goddess of the Year, I just don’t know what does.

9. Wake up early for the hustle – Speaking of sleep patterns, the idea uncrusting my eyelids at the crack of dawn has always seemed on par with punching myself in the face. However there’s undeniably something about getting up earlier that increases productivity and improves the overall mood of the day.  So despite the incredible challenge it’s going to be for me, I plan on buying myself a couple hours each morning to start the day off right. (and I will be expecting some sort of trophy by the end for my efforts, thank you.) 

10. Stay adaptable- I’m a huge board game nerd. Like, I get obsessed with them, it’s bad. But what I’ve learned through playing many games with many different strategies, is that there is always one common denominator in being a winner: learning to adapt. You can be sitting there, ready to lay a mind blowing move when someone comes along and blocks you. It’s easy to get pissed and resign yourself to a loss. But winners don’t give up. Winners have a backup plan to their backup plan. Winners are always open to a multitude of possibilities instead of staying tunnel visioned on one option that’s clearly not going to work. In this great game of life, remember there may always be another path you can choose that you just didn’t see before. And even in the face of a loss, there is still knowledge to gained.

11. Keep being an adventurer- It’s no secret that I’m quite the free spirit. I love traveling to foreign lands, meeting new people and doing new exciting things. But everyday, every opportunity can be an adventure with the right mind set! You can venture to the mysterious aisles of the grocery store and sample foods from a land you’ve never been to! Or strike up conversation with a perfect stranger in line and make a new friend! Start to look for the magic in everything, even the mundane.

12. Laugh as much as possible- You know those kind of laughs that send tears streaming down your face, and last so long that you don’t even remember what was funny? Yeah. More of that.

13. Nourish your body- our relationship with food tends to be tricky. But food isn’t an enemy or about counting calories. It’s about nourishing your body. When you view food as the fuel that allows you to dance, run, jump and see the world, it makes you want to choose meals that are both tasty and healthy (because yes, they can be both!) Think of food as a way to thank your body for all that it does (and that means a couple cheat days too!)

14. Be yourself- every day I find myself scrolling through instagram thinking “I should be more like him, I should act more like that, I should dress more like her.” It’s so easy to get caught up in constant comparison and while drawing inspiration from others is wonderful, blatant copying is so unnecessary. You can support and admire what others are doing without wanting to become them.

15. Do things alone- Relationships, when healthy and positive, add so much value to our life. But we often overlook one of the most important relationships there is, the relationship with ourselves. So tune everyone out for a little while and spend some time with yourself! Take a bubble bath, take yourself to dinner, visit a museum alone, form some of your own memories and opinions without anyone else’s influence and learn a bit more about the person you really are.

16. Take technology breaks – whilst traveling in Thailand, I was walking through one of the most ornate and beautiful cities in the world and passed a group of literal phone zombies. They were glued to their screens and slowly herding each other down the street, all the while missing the stunning scenery around them. I never want to become that. Technology can be fantastic but it can be just as addictive and detrimental. Don’t forget every once and a while to look up and enjoy REAL life beauty instead of all the beauty jamming up your feed. After all, the best feeds are created by people who are observant enough to capture lifes most beautiful moments.

17. Be kinder – I wouldn’t classify myself as a mean person but there’s always room for a little more selflessness, a little more thoughtfulness, and a little more kindness!

18. Stay focused on your goals – It’s so easy to get distracted or disheartened when things don’t go to plan as you work towards your goals.  But push through the hard times, stay consistent and you will be so glad you did a year or two, or ten down the road.

Operation: Better Myself (An Update)

Hello world!
 If you watch my YouTube videos then you might know that this year I’m experimenting with a plan to better myself (by effectively making 2017 my bitch.) For each of the next 12 months, I have one goal that I intend to focus on in the hopes that by the end of that month, it will become something of a habit! For January my focus was super innovative and something you probably never expected: health and fitness! *dripping in sarcasm* And for February the focus was self care. Some of you were asking if I’d be doing updates on how the goals were going and I thought this was a really great idea! I know writing down my progress will definitely keep me in check and perhaps it can even help some of you to stay motivated if you’re working on any goals yourself! So for anyone curious, here is a breakdown of my progress, by month, so far! 🙂 
January- Health and Fitness

Staying true to this goal throughout January was pretty easy at first, as I was living at a Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica where all of my meals were vegan and vegetarian (*cough* and cooked for me *cough.*) Was it a bit of a cop out to choose to work on this goal when I knew it wouldn’t be difficult there? Perhaps… BUT! Most people often begin to derail after things get too difficult, so I figured easing my way into things wouldn’t be so bad! Every morning I woke up with the sun, started the day with a yoga class and pigged out on all the healthy and delicious meals I wanted! It was a dream! And by the end of the month I basically felt like a unicorn. I noticed my skin breaking out a little, which I attributed to the detoxification my body was most likely going through but for the most part, all that sun, fruit, and exercise was doing me a world of good! 
And then I went home.
 Things got A LOT more difficult once I was back in my natural habitat. As a yoga instructor, I was still able to maintain a pretty healthy balance of exercise (and laziness hehe), but my relationship with food became a struggle. First off, I have a HUGE sweet tooth. Always have and I imagine I always will. But since it was once again my own responsibility to prepare all my meals, it began to feel very tedious very quickly and I found myself just going for whatever was easy as opposed to healthy. But I hated the way I was beginning to feel. I was constantly sleepy, my mind felt a lot less sharp and all around, I didn’t feel quite as bright as I did while in Costa Rica. I also IMMEDIATELY slipped back into terrible habits of staying up WAY too late, spending way too much time on the computer, etc. (Goodbye Veronica the Unicorn.) I really didn’t like how fast I was to throw all that magic away! Because that was not the point of this experiment! I didn’t want to work on something for 30 days and just let it go come the first of the next month! No, these things were supposed to build upon each other! 
So in short, I learned a valuable lesson! This wasn’t going to be as easy as perhaps I’d bargained for. These goals are still going to take time, effort and mindfulness in order to achieve them the way I’d hoped! Which is perfectly okay! I’m not giving up and getting down on myself! After feeling crappy for so many weeks after returning home, I wanted to chase that “sparkly” feeling, if you will, I felt in Costa Rica so I’m still currently making little changes and doing my best to make healthy choices as much as possible! It might not have been a cake walk (…poor choice of words?) to stay consistent, but I’m so glad I did have that month to show me how I’d like to keep feeling for the rest of this year and hopefully the rest of my life! 
February- Self Care
Now this was a month I was very excited for! A whole month that I could dedicate to pampering myself and not feel guilty for it? Yes please! But I suddenly discovered something I never expected; this goal was difficult too! I actually had to put in EFFORT to relax! I had no clue I was so much of a workaholic! See, my plan was to focus on two things: taking a long hot bath once a week, and staying really consistent with my skincare (and eventually I’d obviously transform into the glowing goddess that’s been hiding beneath under eye circles and dry, neglected pores.) All of this sounds magical right?! That’s what I thought! But whenever it was time for me to take my long awaited bath, or use one of my face masks, I noticed that I’d be so wrapped up in my work that I’d keep putting it off for an hour, and then another… and then another until eventually I’d just say “eh, I’ll do it tomorrow.” And sometimes it would be days before I actually sat down and forced myself to do it! It sounds so crazy that I had to convince myself into something as glorious as relaxing with some bath bombs but there I was, too wound up from daily life to even remember how to chill out! 
apparently not Jamie Lee Curtis, apparently not.

Nonetheless, if I’m going to be honest about my shortcomings then oh by gosh, by golly I’m going to be honest about my achievements too and say that I did manage to EVENTUALLY take my bath at least once a week! And it’s a ritual that I enjoyed so much, that I’ve still managed to take baths pretty frequently since then! I did pay very close attention to my skin (not impeccable attention but much better than usual and that’s the goal right?) and after a while, I genuinely began to look forward to grabbing one of those face masks and giving my epidermis a little love! I realized that this was something I used to do all the time in High School and I missed having such great motivation and care for myself, not to mention it shocked me that somewhere along the way I’d lost track of that!
Perhaps the most exciting result of all this consistency (however inconsistent it was…) was that in at least one little way, my plan kind of worked! I now have a pretty great routine each night; after I brush my teeth, I cleanse, tone and moisturize my skin before bed and I genuinely notice a fabulous difference! I’ve been feeling so much more radiant and glowy! And I now love to sit in the bath WITH a face mask on and just zen out. Evidently, for a person like me, forcing myself to really find time for self love is so important because otherwise, it just won’t happen! And it’s crazy how I teach yoga and make that space for others to “zen out” but then I can’t do it myself!
As a creative, passionate and quite naturally energetic person, finding those little moments to sit down and let the world fall away are so necessary for more than my exterior; they’re vital for my mental health! I realize that now and it feels awesome to form that relationship with myself! Once again, the goal for me was never perfection, but rather to learn more about myself and my habits, and hopefully create more balance within my life! These changes might seem small and insignificant but for me, they’re really exciting and I’m so proud to see my growth, no matter how slow it might be! So wish me luck for the next couple of months! March is all about selflessness and self control and I’m not totally sure what April will bring yet! But stay tuned, and good luck to you as on your journey through life! Feel free to let me know whatever progress you might be making as well and just know that even failures are successes in disguise! Until next time everyone!  🙂