Dinner in St. Lucia

On one of my favorite days in St. Lucia, my best friend and awesome travel buddy, Alex, and I decided to go out to dinner at this restaurant right on the beach.  We’d been staring at the dinner options for days and we figured we should actually try it out instead of drooling all over the menu every day.  So, we got all dolled up, walked the 20 minute trek from our villa, and made it to the restaurant, starving and sweaty, only to discover dinner would not be served until 6:30… it was 5:00.  
So, what the heck were we supposed to do for an hour and half?
I realized,…I had my camera, she had hers, we just spent a good year in front of the mirror getting ready… we gave each other that best-friend-telepathic-i-know-exactly-what-you’re-thinking look: photo shoot time. 

So yes, for an hour and half we romped around the gorgeous hotel that the restaurant was connected to, pretending we actually stayed there and that we weren’t just two broke college kids waiting for food.  And as we always do, we had the time of our lives!  But when we finally sat down to eat, our hunger came back full force and we couldn’t wait.  
And when it came, it was worth every second of the wait.  Amazing, amazing AMAZINGGG meal.

 I ordered a lamb stew, which was my first time ever having lamb.  It was topped with raisins and shaved coconut, absolutely stunning.  For dessert we had passion fruit creme brulee and hazelnut cheesecake.  Soooo yeah, i basically died and went to heaven that night.  
As we were leaving, our new found bartender friend invited us to take some pictures behind the bar.  Our photographer went rogue and wouldn’t stop, and we laughed hysterically, he captured some of my favorite memories on the trip. 🙂 
Ahh St. Lucia, I miss you so much.