Barcelona Day 2 Photo Diary

Barcelona Day 1

Like I mentioned in the Camp Bisco post, we only had 24 hours in between coming home from the festival and heading to the airport.  For the next month we’d be traveling to seven different places.  Our first destination: Barcelona, Spain.
Our flight was long but after waiting in line for 45,000 hours at Bisco, I’m confident I can now endure any amount of waiting.  We arrived early in the morning, so early that our hotel room wasn’t ready yet. So we dropped our bags off with the bellboy and eagerly set out to discover what wonders awaited us in the city.

We quickly realized that everything in Barcelona, created in Gaudi’s brilliant eye, is stunning.  From the architecture, to the streets, and all of the adorable cafes in between.  We agreed this place felt like home.  We popped into “Gambito,” intrigued by the sign that boasted a breakfast buffet for only 6 euro, and the spread was outrageous.  For our very first meal abroad, it was killer.

At last, our room was ready and we headed back towards our hotel.  We never expected it to be so grand but our room was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.  The view was breathtaking, and there was so much to do! There were two swimming pools, two restaurants, and a gorgeous garden.  We showered, changed and of course explored more of the city, but later that night we couldn’t help but get excited just to go back to the hotel for dinner! (Which was incredible.)  A complete dream come true.

Camp Bisco

For over a year, my wanderlust had been slowly bubbling up inside me.  I was desperately craving adventure and working my butt off with the images of future trips branded into my brain. When I met Jeff, a boyfriend was the last thing that would fit into my plan.  I was going to take the world by storm!  And NOTHING was going to keep that from happening, especially a relationship (which, in my experience, only ever dragged me down.)  I was pretty sure there was only an endlessly spinning globe where my heart should be.  However, all things happen exactly when they’re meant to, and despite my best efforts to avoid him, he soon discovered I did in fact have one of those red, beating, (generally) bad decision makers. We were suddenly, passionately in love.   I never expected that anyone would support my crazy dreams of a wild globe trotting let alone hop on the next plane with me.  But less than a year later, with (hardly) adequate funds, we quit our jobs and ran off into Jeffronica Adventure Palooza 2015 (the official name.)  This was going to be the Summer of all Summers.  We kicked it off with a 3 day music festival in Pennsylvania, and 24 hours after returning home, we were jet setting off again for a month of traveling Europe… and 24 hours after returning from THERE… we boarded yet another plane to spend a week in Mexico.  And then we were done I promise.    
We might have waited in line for 9 hours (literally) but we were still smiling and it was all worth it. 

Everything about the weekend was a dream.  The festival was set up on the side of Montage Mountain right next to a water park that we got free access to every day.  We danced the nights away, ate crepes oozing with nutella and peanut butter, rode to the top of the mountain in a ski lift, and made memories we’ll never forget.  We made it out just in time to drive home in the pouring rain, but after the skies cleared, the most insane rainbow was left behind.  It felt like pure magic.. but that was only the beginning.

FALL-ing in love

The crisp air, the golden sun, the pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING.  There’s no greater season.  We finally stepped back into reality after our European adventure just in time for autumn to begin 😀  

Most days are filled with copious amounts of work but we decided to set aside a day to just enjoy every ounce of this gorgeous season that we could.  We took a trip to a nearby arboretum, had a picnic, and for dinner headed to the coolest coffee shop EVER, Witches Brew, where it’s Halloween all year round! (but what better time to go?) 

It was absolutely perfect <3

Botanical Gardens and Tandoori Food

On this day we took a tour of a Botanical Garden and saw some of the most gorgeous plant life in the world.  There are so many tropical flowers that are unlike anything you’ve ever seen, it was stunning! 
  After the Botanical Garden, we took another tour.  This one was all about chocolate!  We saw the process of making chocolate from the weird, podlike fruit it starts out in,
to roasting of the beans.  They even do a sacred dance over them to make them taste better and OH. EM. GEEEEE. I think it’s working because chocolate is the friggin’ bomb.  
That night after the tour we went out for amazing Tandoori food at a place called Razmataz.  I ordered fish korma which was INCREDIBLE and for dessert Alex and I split the aptly named Himalayan Ice Cream Sundae.  The thing was probably taller than me… though that’s not saying much.