New York Fashion Week Blogger Event with Midori Linea

Hello world!

Today I have a couple quick outfit shots to share with you. I was recently invited to the Midori Linea event in New York City, my first ever New York Fashion Week event! It was hosted at the W Hotel Downtown and from the moment we walked in, we were transported to another galaxy! The ceiling was covered in lights and had this really interesting shape to it, making it appear almost as if it were moving like waves.

Without realizing that the event was galaxy themed, I coincidentally decided to deck myself out in a totally star themed outfit! This jumpsuit from Stoned Immaculate is one of my favorite pieces when I’m looking to feel comfortable yet stylish. And I went for two stars under the eyes because somehow the furry coat just wasn’t quite enough pizazz for me.

One of my best friends Alex came with me, and we spent the entire night enjoying the company of some incredible and like minded vloggers, bloggers, makeup artists and fabulous fashionistas! There’s little more I love than chatting it up with strong, independent women who dream just as big as me, and who inspire me with their determination and drive! This is where I met the absolutely lovely Noel Labb who has a STELLAR instagram, YouTube channel AND blog, killin’ it girl! Check her insta page @noellabb out!

So it was an absolute honor to go despite my inexperience with events like this! Of course it was a little intimidating, but as much as I can, I try to abide by the rule to always, no matter how you’re feeling, get up, get dressed, and go out. You never know what could happen!

Until next time<3

Nomo Soho Hotel NYC Review!

best hotel rooms at the Nomo Soho in NYC
the front arch of the Nomo Soho in NYC
The best rooms in the Nomo Soho Hotel NYC



Right in the heart of Manhattan’s charming little Soho, sits one of the most Instagram worthy hotels on the planet, the Nomo Soho Hotel. Soho alone is one of my favorite place is all of New York City. There are cobblestone streets everywhere you look (which, I don’t know if that excites anyone else as much as it excites me… but that right there makes it’s a huge winner in my book.) Soho is also loaded with one trendy restaurant and cute coffee shop after another and is much quieter than what you normally expect from New York. While Time Square has it’s perks, it can be difficult to relax in such a loud and bustling area of the city. So if you’re looking for a place to enjoy the Big Apple while also feeling refreshed, the Nomo Soho is the perfect hotel for you!


As an avid lover of all things blog and Instagram related, it probably comes as no shock that I’ve dreamt of staying at the aesthetic haven that is The Nomo Soho for quite some time! It seemed like something I’d never be able to afford but my wonderful boyfriend, Jeff, gifted me with a weekend away in NYC for my 24th birthday. We had such an incredible experience that I had to create a review of the Nomo Soho for anyone else wondering whether it’s actually worth it! I was expecting it to be a magical experience, but what I wasn’t expecting were all the many surprises waiting for us the moment we walked in the door!

We had booked a room on the smaller side to stay within our small budget, after all we were just looking forward to the experience of the hotel in general! But when we arrived and they noticed the GIANT, obnoxious balloons I had with me (a gift from my mom), they kindly upgraded us to a King SUITE, one of the best rooms in the whole hotel! Once more for dramatic effect you say? Sure: A KING. SUITE, PEOPLE! I could hardly contain my excitement! Not only that, but they put us on the 24th floor as a little nod to my brand new age. And WOW, the view of Soho from our hotel room was one of the best views in NYC!

The best hotel rooms at the Nomo Soho Hotel, NYC
The best hotel rooms at the Nomo Soho Hotel, NYC
beautiful bathroom at the Nomo Soho Hotel NYC
Best rooms in the Nomo Soho Hotel NYC
Best rooms at the Nomo Soho Hotel NYC
Birthday celebration at the Nomo Soho Hotel NYC

We entered our room, lined with floor to ceiling windows throughout the entire apartment, to discover that we had the PERFECT view of the entire city! I’m not being dramatic when I say that I gasped every time I walked by those windows. The view just never got old.

Best rooms at the Nomo Soho Hotel NYC
The beautiful bathroom at the Nomo Soho Hotel NYC
The view of Soho from The Nomo Soho Hotel NYC

For dinner one night, we headed to the Nomo Kitchen, a fabulous little spot right inside of the hotel. The decor is stunning and the food was heavenly! During the day, the place can be pretty empty but at night it get’s PACKED! I will admit, on the first night, our lovely waiter accidentally brought me the wrong dish, but told me I could keep it and that it was on him! It actually ended up being my favorite part of the whole meal! And though we didn’t even tell him it was my birthday, the Nomo must have informed him because he came over with a complimentary dessert to finish off our already amazing meal!

The next night we went for drinks with a couple friends and sat in the lounge away from the regular tables. In the spirit of honesty, I must admit that this waiter was not nearly as attentive as the previous one. We ultimately had to go chase him down to put another order in and then he told us that they were closing soon. We were pretty disappointed but this was truthfully the only issue we had the entire weekend. Every other person who worked at the Nomo Soho was wonderfully helpful and gracious and the manager even came over to apologize for the mishap. I don’t expect any hotel to be perfect, people make mistakes after all. But how those mistakes are handled speaks volumes to the quality of the hotel as a whole in my opinion, and the Nomo seems to have an excellent grasp on customer service.

The Nomo Kitchen at the Nomo Soho Hotel NYC

We spent most of the weekend gallivanting around Soho of course, but on our last day there, we befriended Chris, the hotel concierge who talked to us for nearly an hour as if we’d known each other for years. Right before we left for the day, he stopped us and offered us each a glass of champagne, saying “you’re not leaving until we celebrate your birthday!” That really started the day off in such a special way and we were really sad to leave when the weekend was finally over. But as we said goodbye he told us to never forget that when we “came to Soho, and stayed at the Nomo, we met the most wonderful HOMO!”<333

Birthday celebrations at the Nomo Soho Hotel NYC

This was by far one of the most fabulous birthdays I’ve ever experienced! So thanks to Jeffy for helping me achieve such a long time dream! And thanks to the Nomo Soho for treating us like gosh darn royalty! We will back ASAP.

The view from the Nomo Soho Hotel NYC
couple kissing at the Nomo Soho Hotel NYC
Overall, I can’t recommend this hotel enough! Everyone was so kind and helpful and the views are unprecedented. The whole weekend we were truly treated like celebrities. It’s definitely an expensive place but if you’re willing to splurge a little, even for just one night, I think you’ll find it’s absolutely worth it! 
Nomo Soho Hotel Review, why you should stay

Krabi Photo Diary

Beyond the Risk

There’s nothing quite like this place. 
We have done so much in such a short amount of time! From swimming in waterfalls, to milking cows, to the crazy rainbows we frequently wake up to, it seems like every day is more magical than the last! Perhaps I should better explain how exactly my wonderful boyfriend, Jeff, and I ended up here though. 
A while back the two of us had a weekend trip to New York City planned. We excitedly hopped on our train looking forward to all the glorious adventures we’d soon be having in the Big Apple. Little did we know however, that this train was driving us toward much larger adventures in a future we had no clue would be ours. Ironically, I was quite annoyed that morning. See, we’d left much later than I wanted to (as I like to get my NYC excisions started as early as possible.)
But it wasn’t just Jeff’s need to make a a very elaborate, pre-NYC sandwich that put us on the later train…
it was Destiny.

We rode along for about an hour, and suddenly, as the train hissed to a halt and let a new crowd of passengers on, I saw a very familiar face. 
“DESIREE?” I asked.
“VERONICA?” she returned, recognizing me.
There was my yoga instructor sitting just a few seats away. 
We got to talking and she began to explain how she wasn’t supposed to be on this train either, and how she’d been trying all day to figure out an issue with her passport so her and her family could officially make their move to Costa Rica. 
This was news to me! And after explaining all the crazy details, she mentioned how she’d love for me and Jeff to come visit the yoga Retreat Center she was going to be running down in CR.

Jeff and I were dealing with the confusion and disappointment of some other adventures we’d been planning for that kept falling through. But this suddenly had a flame sparking in each of our hearts and from then on the two of us couldn’t let the idea go. 
I wasn’t sure how or why or when exactly it was going to happen, but, a strong believer in the Law of Attraction, I put it out there like my life depended on it (at the very least my sanity did.) 
Soon enough, the opportunity showed itself.
 Desiree and her wife would be running a Yoga Teacher Training Retreat that seemed perfect for Jeff (who was interested in getting certified) and a New Year’s Retreat all about finding yourself and your life’s purpose that seemed perfect for me!  They overlapped one another so we could go together and it just felt like everything about it was screaming that this was the right thing to do. 
Still, the next few months were up in the air; should we go? How will we manage? Is it worth it? Etc. 

Jeff would need to leave his job in order to focus on this new career path and such a huge change was terrifying. But I’m here to tell you that growth, adventure and magic lie only beyond risk. 
Coming here has been such a profound experience. Waking up every morning to do yoga, eating the most delicious, natural food you can imagine, and being surrounded by people who can’t help but exude gratitude and pure joy for their lives… it’s moving, cleansing, humbling and inspiration for our own lives.


You can live the life you want to. You can follow what makes your heart sing and you can exist in realms of passion, miracles, beauty and adventure. It’s all waiting there, beyond the Risk. 

Ibiza Photo Diary

We woke bright and early on our last day in Barcelona and grabbed our rental car, Denia bound. Driving through the country side, talking, laughing, blasting music, it was beautiful. We  got horribly lost for a couple of hours but, with the help of some guardian angels I imagine, we finally found the ferry that would take us to Ibiza.   

Our first night there we were pretty wiped out and ended up crashing early.  Th next few days were filled with exploring though!  We dissevered a gorgeous restaurant right on the beach called Tulip Cafe and ate the most delicious croquets.  And the day after that we hopped on a little boat that brought us Cala Basa Beach in under 30 minutes. Each night we would sit on our balcony and share a cigar as we wrote in our travel journals and wished this would never end.