Instagram Hotspot: East Main & Main Doughnut Shop

girl smiling wearing floral dress at East Main & Main doughnut shop

As an avid Instagram fan, I’m constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest hotspots for insta-worthy pictures. Lately I’ve been on a mission to find some of the best places in and around Long Island, New York, and there’s certainly no shortage! I’ve been turning my discoveries into a bit of a series here on my blog, and today I’m adding yet another to the list: this adorable little doughnut shop called East Main & Main.

Front sign of East Main & Main doughnut shop
Front counter of East Main & Main doughnut shop
girl smiling wearing floral dress at East Main & Main doughnut shop

Located in the loveliest little Long Island town of Port Jeff, this sweet eatery is fabulous for so many reasons. One look at their Instagram, and you’ll be drooling more than you ever knew possible. And trust me… no one is judging you for it!

Their shop is filled daily with the most delicious concoctions including everything from Matcha Mint Chip to my personal favorite, Salted Caramel Nutella Cookie Dough. 

That’s a thing.
And yeah, it’s just as fantastically extra as it sounds.

a selection of doughnuts from East Main & Main

They are totally delicious and everything from their packaging to the doughnuts themselves are ridiculously Instagrammable!

girl wearing pink dress at East Main & Main
girl wearing pink dress sitting in window at East Main & Main

If the doughnuts weren’t enough though, East Main & Main’s decor only sweetens the deal (pun intended.) 

The walls are filled with artistic renditions of doughnuts and happiness inducing typography. A little lounge sits tucked in the back of the place where books and strings lights hang from the ceiling like something out of Alice and Wonderland. Stop by to play a board game while you eat or just enjoy the crap out of an endless choice of premium doughnuts!

I’ve been noticing this very Pinterest worthy trend going around the internet of doughnut walls for weddings and other parties, and of course East Main & Main has jumped on the train! In fact, they were even featured in the The Knot! Not only do they offer the doughnut walls, but they also do custom orders, and drizzle and dip parties. To be honest I’m not entirely sure what exactly a “drizzle & dip party” is but it sounds heavenly so I won’t question it.

white doughnut wall at a wedding
Source: Instagram

Oh yeah… and they deliver. Which means the next time your doorbell rings, it could be some hot dude with a box of steamy doughnuts just for you. 

I’ll just let your mind run wild with that one as I wrap things up here…

So next time you’re on Long Island, definitely take a stroll down to Port Jeff and check out East Main & Main! This place is sure to make both your day, and your Instagram account, just a little sweeter!

A girl wearing a pink dress in a red photo booth

Dress: Abercrombie*
Shoes: Charlotte Russe (similar)*
Hat: Urban Outfitters *

Have you discovered any Instagram hotspots the world should know about? Let me know down below!

Don’t forget, the world is your runway.

Until next time!

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Life is Booty-ful- Best Jeans for a Big Butt

Most jeans have me saying boohoo, these jeans have me saying boo-ya! 

Recently I noticed a sale at The Gap and decided to indulge in this fabulous pair of jeans. 
And I. 

Strolling through NYC, enjoying a drink at Cha Cha Matcha, I couldn’t believe I’d finally found a pair of jeans I loved so much. Honestly I felt like doing a cha cha with delight! 
The color, the cut, the fit, and the way they cup the booty… holy guacamole. 
I don’t want to exaggerate here, but if Jesus Himself were to return in the form of denim, I’d be willing to believe this is the pair of pants He would be embodying. 

Now the fact that I’m so jazzed over jeans though is quite out of character for me. Because historically, I’ve always hated them.
Anytime I stood in the dressing room of an Abercrombie staring in the mirror at my suffocated pancake booty, I felt thoroughly horrible about myself.
If, by the grace of God, I could squeeze my butt and thighs into that denim prison, I could have a full blown party in the waist section. But if the waist fit, I’d be lucky to get them up past my knees.
And the situation happening between my thighs would have every camel on the planet fearing for their toes.

i’ll leave the flattening to the flatiron district… not my pants.

Furthermore, if, like me, 90% of your body is just butt, you’re no stranger to how evil low rise jeans can be. Bend over one time and your undies, or heaven forbid your crack, is on full display like a sad, humiliating billboard. 

My cheeks are like a wild, majestic bird. They will not be caged. 

Which is why my personal style has always gravitated more towards dresses. People ask me all the time why I’m always so “dressed up” due to my choice of ensembles. But it’s not my intention to be so fancy all the time, I’m just trying to let these thunder thighs do their thing in peace, you feel?
But I’m here today to tell you, that if you too suffer from badonkadonk-itis, there is hope.
I’ve simply decided that from now on, the higher the waist, the better. I don’t care if the world considers them to be “mom jeans,” give me an SUV and a stern look that could kill if that’s the case, but I don’t want my muffin tops exploding over the edges of my pants. Modern day mom jeans are SEXY! They accentuate the waist and let your legs breathe while still preserving a great silhouette! 
The trouble was, up until very recently it’s been hard to find anything that catered to these needs. 

It’s strange and sad that body parts can go in and out of style, but it’s only in recent history that junk in the trunk has been so heavily praised. Just a few years ago it was a practical sin to sport a sizeable sit-upon. But as the Beyoncé’s and the Kim K’s of the world started rising up, so did the zipper length on jeans. And these days, we’re all still asking the same question:
“does this make my butt look big?”
The difference is, it’s no longer asked in fear, but rather with wide, hopeful eyes. Which means that those of us with wide, bloated thighs can rejoice!

So here’s the situation. Now, more than ever, I’d argue there are so many options available to ALL body types. 
The key is figuring out your proportions and what makes you feel fantastic. You don’t need to box yourself in by conforming to the current standard. I had closed myself off from a whole world of fashion simply because I was stuck in the mindset of low-rise skinnies that clearly weren’t working. There are COUNTLESS cuts, styles, colors, etc., out there for your exploration! Mid-rise, low-rise, high-rise, flare, bootleg, dark wash, light wash, you name it! 

And don’t even get me STARTED on jeggings! 
I can guarantee, there’s something out there that will hit you in all the right places. I can’t promise it’ll be easy to find, but I’m confident it’s out there. 
So ladies, go out and try something new! Find a way to celebrate your body as opposed to hiding it away or clamping it down! After all… life is booty-ful. 

Jeans: Gap
Tube Tob: Urban Outfitters
Heels: Asos (similar) 
Bag: Mary Frances 

Cherry Blossom Festival at Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Hello world! This past weekend my friends and I met up at the beautiful Cherry Blossom Festival in Brooklyn. I went last year with my friend Alex and we couldn’t wait to see it again! Sadly, I think the long, hard winter kept the tree’s from really blooming so there weren’t quite as many Cherry Blossoms this year. However, the grounds were still covered with so many amazing trees and flowers as far as the eye could see! I swear I could go to the Gardens everyday and never get bored!
Since everything was of course Sakura themed (cherry blossom in Japanese) there were so many Japanese snacks to try and a whole Japanese Market that sold everything from kimonos to pottery! It was beautiful and I couldn’t help but indulge in some sweet sticky rice treats with red bean paste (one of my all time favorites!) This year I also tried onigiri with salmon. It was my first time and it was AWESOME! 
I really wanted to let the Blossoms shine so I kept my outfit pretty simple for the most part with this little white dress from Forever 21. To add a little extra pizazz (because this is me we’re talking about here) I added the fishnets and my straw boater hat from H&M. These black tie up heels from Forever 21 are the perfect height and despite wearing them ALL day trekking in and out of Brooklyn, they never hurt my feet! The white sunnies from Urban Outfitters also added a very vintage feel which I appreciated and to finish everything off I added my whicker basket bag from Etsy. 
under the beautiful Magnolia trees 
Later that day Jeffy brought me to The Yellow Magnolia Cafe for lunch. We had a FANTASTIC meal between the very interesting mustard greens soup (which apparently the chef whipped up on a whim after accidentally receiving a huge order of mustard greens!) and tarot chips, and then a lovely smoked salmon platter with creme fraiche and pita! YUM! 
The weather couldn’t have been more beautiful, it was an absolutely lovely day! 

Dessert Goals 2018 with Planoly!

You know, generally the 55 thousands different e-mails junking up my inbox everyday is pretty annoying. However, there was one little e-mail that happened to sneak past my delete-happy reign of terror on this fateful morn. When I noticed an e-mail from the Planoly App I use for instagram regarding something called “Dessert Goals,” my heart nearly stopped. 
I am self proclaimed Christmas elf, abiding by the four food groups of course: candy, candy corn, candy cane, and syrup. In other words I LOVE SUGAR!!!!!!! Ironically enough though, I’d just recently decided to cut back on sugar hard core and do a bit of a detox when, naturally, I receive this e-mail…. but we don’t talk about that. 
How could I resist such a magical event!?! It was less than $20 to attend, and they promised an INSTAGRAM GARDEN for fabulous photo-ops. If that didn’t real me right in right there, well the food line up was the icing on the cake (pun intended.) There was Japanese shave ice, Mochi Ice cream, bubble tea, cotton candy, macaroons, crepe cake and these ADORABLE cake pops!!! (I’m sure as you can tell by my overblown use of exclamation marks in this post… I’m still kind of on a sugar high.) 
this damn thing was $20!!! That’s New York for you. 

 Here’s the thing people! You have to live a little! I’m doing my best to eat as well as I can as often as I can but when something extra sweet rolls around, why not indulge?! Life is short but it can also be sweet! Well, now that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my unicorn themed, chocolate covered cake-pop cone, please excuse me as I proceed to shove my face with kale. Here’s to finding balance!

New York Fashion Week Blogger Event with Midori Linea

Hello world!

Today I have a couple quick outfit shots to share with you. I was recently invited to the Midori Linea event in New York City, my first ever New York Fashion Week event! It was hosted at the W Hotel Downtown and from the moment we walked in, we were transported to another galaxy! The ceiling was covered in lights and had this really interesting shape to it, making it appear almost as if it were moving like waves.

Without realizing that the event was galaxy themed, I coincidentally decided to deck myself out in a totally star themed outfit! This jumpsuit from Stoned Immaculate is one of my favorite pieces when I’m looking to feel comfortable yet stylish. And I went for two stars under the eyes because somehow the furry coat just wasn’t quite enough pizazz for me.

One of my best friends Alex came with me, and we spent the entire night enjoying the company of some incredible and like minded vloggers, bloggers, makeup artists and fabulous fashionistas! There’s little more I love than chatting it up with strong, independent women who dream just as big as me, and who inspire me with their determination and drive! This is where I met the absolutely lovely Noel Labb who has a STELLAR instagram, YouTube channel AND blog, killin’ it girl! Check her insta page @noellabb out!

So it was an absolute honor to go despite my inexperience with events like this! Of course it was a little intimidating, but as much as I can, I try to abide by the rule to always, no matter how you’re feeling, get up, get dressed, and go out. You never know what could happen!

Until next time<3