Wear is… Sarah Isenberg?

Hi! Welcome back to Wear is She Wednesdays, a series that highlights one special girl each week to let her shine! Every Wednesday, we feature a different “she,” and get the scoop on her style, what makes her tick, and how the heck we can learn to be as awesome as she is. Today we’re asking the question everyone wants to know… Wear is Sarah Isenberg?

Sarah Isenberg
Sarah Isenberg


Sarah Isenberg loves works of art so much, she's become one. From LA to New York, she brings her impeccable sense of style, inspired by the masterpieces she studies, everywhere she goes. She's known as @happy_tunes on Instagram, and it sums up much of what you can expect to find through her content: a beautiful harmony of bright and cheery outfits.

With such a cool factor at just 21, it's clear that there is so much greatness (and plenty more fabulous outfits) ahead of her. So stay tuned and in the mean time, keep reading for her thoughts on Amy March, painterly clothes and and Scandinavian swimmers.

Sarah Isenberg
Sarah Isenberg

Hi Sarah! Please introduce your wonderful self! 

Hi! I’m Sarah and I’m a 21 year old art historian. As much as I hate people who self describe as bi-coastal, the term really has applied to me as of late. I was born and raised in LA, moved to New York last June (and again in January), but since the big Q hit I’m now back in LA with family.

1. How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is seriously all over the place. I think the best way to describe it would be “if a picnic was a person.” I like long, flowy, Victorian-ish dresses, and am consistently drawn to patterns that have fruit on it, florals, and gingham of course! I also love a good jumpsuit no matter what.

2. Who or what are your current biggest style inspirations?

My style inspirations are always changing but I’d say my current ones are Amy March, Francoise Hardy, @thankyou_ok on instagram, David Hockney, Susan Alexandra, David Byrne’s big suit from “Stop Making Sense" and the Haim sisters (they went to the same middle school as me! But not at the same time.)

Sarah Isenberg
Sarah Isenberg

3. How did you discover your personal style or are you still discovering it?

I think that my personal style is and always will be constantly changing. I’ve always had a really strong sense of style and known what i liked (see photo of me in a mermaid dress and hard hat at my combined princess/bob the builder 4th birthday party). In high school i was really influenced by rookie mag, and that’s where I really learned not to care about what other people thought about what I wore (see flower crown / black lipstick phase in high school) and did a lot of experimenting with bold styles.

Rookie’s influence definitely made me more confident in my style and more unabashed in the things I liked even if it doesn’t adhere to a cohesive aesthetic. I think now, as an art historian, my style is very influenced by, well, art! I notice a lot of primary colors in my wardrobe, as well as patterns/shapes that are reminiscent of Hockney or Matisse as well as florals that take after Dutch still life paintings. I think there’s a very painterly quality to a lot of the clothes I wear too; swishy, flowy dresses, boxy structured tops and wide leg pants.

4. What's on your thrift list right now?

Right now, even though I won’t be able to wear it anywhere for a while, I am looking to thrift a good swimsuit. I’m pretty picky about my swimwear— I don’t really like to have my butt out too much and prefer high waisted bottoms. Luckily, my specifications are in line with a lot of vintage swimwear, so I’ve been scouring Depop and Ebay to find the perfect suit.

Sarah Isenberg
Sarah Isenberg

5. What's your go-to midnight snack?

My go to midnight snack is probably anything that you can buy in the check out aisle at Trader Joe’s like the Scandinavian swimmers, chocolate peanut butter cups or power berries! Also, ice cream of course, or shredded cheese straight out of the bag.

6. And the bonus question I like to ask everyone before they go: what's something you're really proud of right now?

Right now, I’m really proud of myself for having my undergraduate thesis published! I wrote it on the Swedish painter Hilma af Klint, (she is SO COOL google her if you don’t know her!!) and even got a grant from my school to travel to Sweden to interview people and learn more about her life. I put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into writing it, and loved delving so deeply into her works. Getting it published and out into the world makes me feel really accomplished and totally validates all the hard work I put in!

Where else can we find you, Sarah?

You can find me on instagram as @happy_tunes, twitter as @sarahisenburger, and if you want you can read my thesis online in the Bowdoin Journal of Art​

Read it here! 

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