Wear is… Haley Walker?

Hi! Welcome back to Wear is She Wednesdays, a series that highlights one special girl each week to let her shine! Every Wednesday, we feature a different “she,” and get the scoop on her style, what makes her tick, and how the heck we can learn to be as awesome as she is. Today we’re asking the question everyone wants to know… Wear is Haley Walker?

Haley Walker of Haley in the Details
Haley Walker of Haley in the Details


Haley Walker is as bright as her wardrobe, in every sense of the word. Intelligent and vivacious, this business savvy poet is not only incredibly skilled at finding unique vintage, but can also style it in wonderfully playful ways you don't see coming! In just over a year, Haley grew her thrift focused YouTube channel to thousands of eager viewers and has created steadily growing success by selling vintage on Depop.

After having the absolute pleasure of meeting Haley in person and now calling her a friend, I can affirm that she's not only a joy to tune into online, but to be around in person as well. I can't wait for you to get to know her better too, so keep reading for her thoughts on jumpsuits, city living and truffle popcorn.

Haley Walker of Haley in the Details
Haley Walker of Haley in the Details

Hi Haley! Please introduce your wonderful self! 

Hi! My name is Haley Walker--I'm a writer, content creator, and vintage seller originally from South Florida. I've spent the last two years in NYC pursuing my MFA in Poetry at Columbia and building my online slow-fashion empire. My next move is LA!

1. How would you describe your personal style?

I would describe my personal style as vintage maximalism. I'm drawn to bold colors and patterns, fun textures, and dramatic silhouettes. I've been really into 1980s vintage--things like silk jumpsuits and blazers with big shoulder pads--for the last year or so, and recently I've been getting into '60s and '70s vintage as well.

2. Who or what are your current biggest style inspirations?

My top three are probably Beth Jones of B. Jones Style, Alyssa Coscarelli of Alyssa in the City, and Hannah Baxter, my former boss and the Beauty Editor at Coveteur. All of these ladies love a bold vintage moment and are somehow able to make almost anything work with their individual styles!

Haley Walker of Haley in the Details
Haley Walker of Haley in the Details

3. How did you discover your personal style or are you still discovering it?

I'm very much still discovering it, but moving to NYC was a big step for me. Living in a city that is so forgiving of the antics of strangers definitely made feel comfortable trying out risky outfits. Also, shopping exclusively at secondhand and vintage stores has helped me figure out which pieces excite me without the bombardment of the latest trends. Thats' not to say I don't follow trends, though. I just try to pick the ones that I actually like and find them at the thrift store.

4. What's on your thrift list right now?

I want more puff sleeve tops! I think puff sleeve dresses are a lot easier to find, but I don't have the heart to cut them into tops. I also want a 1970s Gunne Sax dress. I'm into everything super feminine and romantic lately.

Haley Walker of Haley in the Details
Haley Walker of Haley in the Details

5. What's your go-to midnight snack?

Popcorn all the way! I have this black truffle popcorn salt that is absolutely LIFE CHANGING. Also, dark chocolate pretzels.

6. And the bonus question I like to ask everyone before they go: what's something you're really proud of right now?

I'm super proud of my Depop store! The way things are looking, I will be able to do this for a living. I might eventually break out of Depop and create my own platform, but we'll just see! Oh, and I'm about to get a Master's degree from Columbia. I have a lot of imposter syndrome about that one, but it's certainly something I should be proud of.

Where else can we find you, Haley?

Find me on Youtube and Depop (@haleyinthedetails) and Instagram (@haleywalker)!

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