Wear is… Freja Settergren?

Hi! Welcome back to Wear is She Wednesdays, a series that highlights one special girl each week to let her shine! Every Wednesday, we feature a different “she,” and get the scoop on her style, what makes her tick, and how the heck we can learn to be as awesome as she is. Today we’re asking the question everyone wants to know… Wear is Freja Settergren?

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Okay. I'm not afraid to say it. Freja Settergren is the ultimate cool girl. Perhaps it's the mixture of her experiences in both Stockholm and Paris that have infused such a glorious sense of personal style into her. Or perhaps, she was born with it. Who's to say?

All we know for sure is that this girl is Spring personified. In a swirl of earthy greens, baby pinks and sunshine yellows, Freja is certainly making the world her runway. So keep reading for her thoughts on Scandi style, wardrobe staples and Dior.

Hi, Freja! Please introduce your wonderful self! 

Hi! My name is Freja and I'm a 21 year old Swede living in Paris. I grew up in Stockholm with my parents, two brothers and a sister. Paris always held a special place in my heart, I visited quite often since my dad worked in Paris sometimes. I decided I was gonna live here when I was 12 and so after high school I moved with my best friend and now we live happily ever after in the cutest studio in Montmartre. 

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1. How would you describe your style?

I'll borrow my friend Justine's words: "Un mix merveille between Scandi allure and Parisian chic." My style is pretty fluid, on one day I'll feel like wearing a cute dress and the next day I'll wear a hoodie and jeans. 

2. Who or what are your current biggest style inspirations?

I get very inspired by cities and the people in it. Like when I'm in Stockholm I think my style gets less parisian, and the other way around. Otherwise girls that inspire me are Ella Karberg, Marie Jedig, Naomi Anwer, and Camille Charriere. 

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3. How did you discover your personal style or are you still discovering it?

I think I'm still discovering it, but I guess I know better now what clothes makes me feel and look good, like I have my stables (high waisted flare pants, t-shirts, polos, transparent shirts) and I won't go to far away from that although I have some pieces that sticks out more. I really like mixing sporty and cute. If I wear a hoodie I'll probably add some cute hair accessories or my mini pink bag. If I wear a skirt or a dress I absolutely won't wear heels, I would feel to girly. 

4. What's on your thrift list right now?

A fun pair of sunglasses, a Dior by Galliano T-shirt à la 2000's and maybe a jacket for spring. 

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5. Where would you go on your ultimate dream vacation?

To me, France and Italy has it all and you don't need to go to far for it. The food, the culture, the landscape and the people. 

6. And the bonus question I like to ask everyone before they go: what's something you're really proud of right now?

Juggling a part time job, an internship, studies and a social life all at once. I do not recommend it to anyone though, your health takes the punch haha.


Where else can we find you, Freja?

Just my instagram! @frejasettergren

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