Wear is… Milagros Bobier?

Hi! Welcome back to Wear is She Wednesdays, a series that highlights one special girl each week to let her shine! Every Wednesday, we feature a different “she,” and get the scoop on her style, what makes her tick, and how the heck we can learn to be as awesome as she is. Today we’re asking the question everyone wants to know… Wear is Milagros Bobier?


Brooklyn native, Milagros Bobier, isn't afraid to experiment with style. Not only has she overcome her struggles with confidence in the past, she positively radiates it now! Keep reading for her thoughts on Euphoria, baggy pants and pulling anything off.

Hi, Milagros! Please introduce your wonderful self!

Hello! My name is Milagros Bobier. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. You can find me dabbling in every creative outlet there is! I’m an Actor/model for now, and I love films and fashion. 

1. How would you describe your style in 3 words?

I have a hard time describing my style because I like mixing styles and adding my own spin on things, so I asked a couple of friends to help and three words I got were “unapologetic," "edgy" and "cool.”

2. Who or what inspires your style most currently? 

A lot of things inspire my style most currently. I get most of my inspiration from Instagram, it’s a great place to look for style inspiration. I often look on there when I’m stumped on what to wear. 

3. What is your current favorite outfit and why? 

My current favorite outfit is a button up shirt with [an interesting] design and baggy pants. I think it looks effortless and cool. 

4. What are your favorite places to shop and why?

I love shopping in thrift stores! Some of my favorite and most unique items are from thrift stores. Two of my favorites are L Train Vintage and Buffalo Exchange.

5. Do you have any current favorites to share with us? (podcasts, books, shows, etc.) 

One of my favorite shows right now is Euphoria. The storytelling is great from the writing, cinematography and makeup! I love how they use fashion and makeup to show changes in the characters. I also love how they don’t revolve Jules' entire storyline about her being trans, and she’s able to just be! 

6. And the bonus question I like to ask everyone before they go: What’s something you’re really proud of right now?

Something I’m really proud of right now is my growth of confidence and self love. I would always put myself down and think I couldn’t pull of certain clothes cause I wasn’t “cool enough" or "skinny enough.” I stopped caring about what other people think of me and asked what do I think of myself? I realized you can pull off anything if you have confidence because no one can tell you shit if you believe in yourself. I think this growth reflects the way I dress now. I’ve never felt so free and unapologetically comfortable in my body.

Where else can we find you, Milagros?

You can find me on Instagram @mila_bobier!


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