Wear is… Alexandra Gordon?

Hi! Welcome back to Wear is She Wednesdays, a series that highlights one special girl each week to let her shine! Every Wednesday, we feature a different “she,” and get the scoop on her style, what makes her tick, and how the heck we can learn to be as awesome as she is. Today we’re asking the question everyone wants to know… Wear is Alexandra Gordon?


Whilst scrolling through the fashionable depths of Instagram one day, Alexandra's account was suggested to me. One scroll through her page revealed so much gold; experimental makeup looks, a bracelet made of lucky charms, a pair of glittery pink Mary Janes. She was playful, charming and instantly I knew I needed to feature her. Read on to get her take on vintage street style photos, ethical fashion and Smeg blenders.

1. How would you describe your style in 3 words?

Whimsical, timeless, functional.

2. Who or what inspires your style most currently? 

Instagram icon @double3xposure has definitely turned me into a sustainable fashion fanatic, and I’m always inspired by old street photos from the 50’s to the 70’s. I like seeing pictures of people’s parents or grandparents wearing everyday clothes or getting dressed up. 

3. What is your current favorite outfit? 

Levi orange tab black jeans that I altered myself, @clanclanclanclanclan Lamu top, @coreymoranis orange lucite bracelet, vintage @gucci cheetah print skinny scarf worn as a hair tie, and vintage @gucci platform men’s loafers.

4. What are your favorite places to shop and why?

Local thrift stores and small brand suppliers are my go to in person, but I also love supporting small shops such as @roomshopvintage and @shopberriez. I only purchase vintage, handmade, sustainable, secondhand, or small-business clothing brands, as I am adamantly against fast fashion. 

5. Do you have any current favorites to share with us?

A few of my current favorite things are HipCityVeg vegan lox and bagel sandwiches, my Smeg blender, and Alie Ward’s podcast “Ologies” where she interviews different specialists in unique fields. 

6. And the bonus question I like to ask everyone before they go: What’s something you’re really proud of right now?

This year I made it my ultimate goal to make my entire closet fast-fashion free, which I did and I’m really proud of that! I’ve also begun to sell my art (I’m a painter and graphite artist) through Instagram and am in the process of setting up a website for viewing it/commissions. 

Where else can we find you, Alexandra?

I’m @alexandra___gordon on Instagram (three underscores) and I curate a moodboard under the handle @p_a_m_p_l_e_m_o_u_s_s_e


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