Photo Diary: Beach Day with Mary Bordelon







I can’t believe I’m saying this, but last year, I think I made it to the beach a grand total of once. Now, in my defense, it rained nearly every day last Summer. But it was more than that. You know how we start to take for granted the things we get to have all the time? I realized, after a life spent living on an island, I didn’t appreciate the beach anymore. So this year I decided to change that.

On what seemed like the most beautiful of all days, Jeffy and I piled into his car to meet the fabulous Mary Bordelon and her boyfriend, Jacob, for a good ol’ fashioned Long Island beach day. Naturally, the moment they drove all the way out from Brooklyn to meet us, the skies opened up and it started to POUR.

Was there some kind of curse placed on me that kept me from the beach? Had I taken it for granted too long and now I was being punished for my apathy?

Shockingly enough, no.

After feeling like we were all caught in some odd fever dream where the storm picked up every time we even mentioned going to the beach, the rain eventually subsided and skies were prettier than ever. And thank heavens, because Mary and I had bold plans to film some wonderful videos. Naturally, our boyfriends took naps while we went crazy filming. In the end, the weather was perfect, the post rain sunset was stunning and our videos came out wonderfully!

It was the perfect kick off to beach filled Summer 🙂


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